Website related changes and updates.

Rev 9 20.05.2023 17:03 Added option Sign Up for the NEWSLETTER
Rev 8 20.05.2023 16:10 Added option to add models/skins, without registration required
Rev 7 19.05.2023 22:00 Added model/skin, information page and add Comments system to NEWS, MODELS, ROUTES and add favorites system and delete website activity list
Rev 6 31.12.2022 14:00 Ads removed
Added/partial function that automatically shuts down a model/skin that will not be current if the script evaluates the state to be current and automatically renews the model/skin - under development
Removed old models/skin, s from the database that no longer have a current download link from the creator
Removed some unused functions, as they were not used
Removed sub pages: Sounds, Search models, Members, Add models, Users, Register user, Edit
Changed website design, compatible with phones - 2022
Rev 5 13.09.2020 11:55 Added hints (categories) ŽSSK Motor locomotives 712
Rev 4 06.06.2019 19:37 Added hints (categories) ČD 193/383
Rev 3 13.04.2019 23:38 Fixed reCaptcha.
Rev 2 13.04.2019 21:42 Added activity list to trail information.
Rev 1 29.03.2019 20:18 Added "Latest Tracks" panel.